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About the Bodiless Powers

Dear Holy Nativity Faithful,

Christ is in our midst!

There are nine ranks, or levels, of the Bodiless Powers, each successive rank is able to bear a bit more of the Glory of God, so that the highest rank, the Cherubim, are the very throne of God. The Bible tells us that God sits on the throne of the Cherubim. And each rank of the Bodiless Powers, because it is, to varying degrees, in the very presence of God, itself radiates the very presence of God. The lowest ranks of these Bodiless Powers are the angels.

The angels, specifically, our guardian angels, are the spiritual entity that is given to us at baptism to protect us and to guide us to heaven. We are most often aware of our angel when we have a good thought or an impulse to do good. Just as wicked thoughts and suggestions often come from a demonic source, so good thoughts and the mental suggestion that we do good is usually from our guardian angel.

However, we can offend our guardian angel. If we persistently ignore the good that it suggests to us and wantonly give ourselves to demonic suggestions, our guardian angel will step away, or let us go the way we choose. God and the angels do not force us to do good. But when we turn away from the good that God has given us to do, then we are also turning away from the protection that our guardian angel provides. But even if we have offended our guardian angel, our guardian angel loves us and will look for every opportunity to stir our conscience and lead us to repentance.

The Bible tells us that God prepares good works for us to do in advance. It’s as though God has set up our lives so that we can please Him and help others by doing good works. All we have to do is to do the good works that God has already put in our life to do. And this is where our guardian angel helps us. It’s like our guardian angel whispers in our heart leading us to the good works that God has already prepared for us to do.

But to hear our guardian angel, we have to learn to pay attention to our hearts. Not the heart of our emotions, but the heart of inner self, our true being, where God dwells in us. This is why saying some prayers and doing a little spiritual reading every morning is so important. Daily prayer helps us return our attention to our heart and makes it more likely that we will notice the whispers of our guardian angel during the day.

Angels and the Bodiless Powers are mysterious beings. We actually know very little about them, but we do experience them. When we are drawn toward God and toward doing good, it is usually our guardian angel who is leading us. So the Church teaches us to ask for their help and to be careful not to offend them. The angels are God’s gift to us to lead us to heaven.

Your unworthy priest,

Fr. Michael

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