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This series of articles on some of the basic doctrines of the Orthodox Christian Faith is brought to you by antiochian.org and Conciliar Media, a department of the Antiochian Archdiocese.  They are also available from Conciliar as a series of attractive and informative booklets and brochures.

What Does Orthodox Mean.png

by: Frederica Mathewes-Green

What Does Orthodox Mean?

What on Earth is the Orthodox Church.png

by: Ancient Faith Press

What on Earth is the Orthodox Church

Theosis Partaking of the Divine Nature.p

by: Mark Shuttleworth

Theosis: Partaking of the Divine Nature

Infant Baptism What the Church Believes.

by: Fr. John Hainsworth

Infant Baptism: What the Church Believes


by: Hieromonk Jonah

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

First Visit to an Orthodox Church.jpg

by: Frederica Mathewes-Green

First Visit to an Orthodox Church

Entering God's Kingdom.jpg

by: Fr. Peter Gillquist

Entering God's Kingdom

How to Read Your Bible.png

by: Bishop Kallistos Ware

How to Ready Your Bible

Icons and their Proper Use.png

by: Fr. Jack N. Sparks, Ph.D.

No Graven Image: Icons and their Proper Use

Scripture and Tradition.jpg

by: R. Thomas Zell

Scripture and Tradition

Findin the New Testament Church.png

by: Fr. Jon E. Braun

Finding the New Testament Church

Jesus is Lord! Christianity's Life-Chang

by: Fr. John M. Reeves

Jesus is Lord! Christianity's Life-Changing Confession of Faith

What About the Non-Orthodox.png

by: Fr. David Tillman

What About the Non-Orthodox?

The Healing Sacrament.png

by: Jim Forest

Confession: The Healing Sacrament